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Winning features

The answer to every need

Fast S.p.A. supplies high quality products, complying with all the relevant standards required by highly specialised projects, both for civil and for industrial applications.

The industrial culture

Fast S.p.A. is a young company, aiming to grow both in Italy and abroad. It capitalises on the legacy of experience, expertise, market sensitivity and attention to customers' requirements, which is the main characteristic of the Giordano Riello International Group, a pioneer in Italy in the field of air conditioning. As part of this group, Fast is able to use their wide range of skills and technical, production and marketing experience.In order to ensure customers can have complete confidence in the performance of our products, units and their components are tested in our well-equipped laboratories.

Quality certification including Eurovent, Vision 2000 and ISO 14001 provide a guarantee, which covers all aspects of the company's operation. Special care is given to the training of specialist personnel for each phase of production.

Costumer satisfaction


The aim of Fast is to give punctual and precise solutions to customers' requirements. We produce specific computer programs for customised selection of the units. These are also used by the Sales Dept. and by all involved in the design of air conditioning installations. We supply the necessary tools for the technical and service functions of all customers choosing Fast products.

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